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 Biography in series

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Dana Katherine Scully was born on February 23, 1964, in a Catholic family. His parents are William Scully, a career soldier, and Margaret Scully. She has an elder brother, William Jr., and an older sister, Melissa, as well as a younger brother Charles (who does not appear in the series, except in flashbacks). His father was a Captain in the US Navy, and died of a heart attack in 1994, which deeply affected him. She grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and then in San Diego, California. Younger, his favorite book was Moby Dick , which his father often read to him. That's why he called her "Starbuck," and Scully called her back "Ahab." The name of his dog, Queequeg, is also taken from this work, the name of a cannibal harpooner.

of Maryland in 1986. Thesis report: The paradox of Einstein's twin, a new interpretation (translated in the French version by: "Einstein and the curvature of space time, a new interpretation" ) .
Graduate in Medicine at Stanford University, specialty "Pathology Law".
Graduate of the FBI at the Academy of Quantico in 1992.
Career [ edit | Change the code ]
1991: She is contacted by the FBI to teach forensic medicine with her know-how in forensic expertise and autopsies at the Quantico training center in Virginia. She accepted the offer, against the advice of her father, considering that this was the best way to prove itself.
1993: She is transferred to the Unclassified Affairs Department, alongside Constable Fox Mulder, where she regularly implements her medical skills, which will often determine the resolution of cases during the series.
Agent Scully and unclassified cases [ edit | Change the code ]
Agent Dana Scully finds herself parachuted into the non-classified business for the purpose of "assisting officer Fox Mulder in her affairs", by "giving a detailed account of her activities and a report Validity and usefulness of such work ". The series begins by his arrival in the department of unclassified business, where Mulder worked alone until then.

First of all, Mulder's team, imposed by his hierarchy, for the sole purpose of slowing down and de-credibilizing the latter's research, she gradually becomes an unwavering ally, the essential support of Mulder in his quest for the Truth. On several occasions, Scully says she does not put her career in jeopardy for anyone except Mulder. She soon finds herself caught up in the passion of her partner in her research, and in turn becomes particularly attached to her work to unclassified business, work however little envied the FBI. The evolution of the relationship between the two main characters, oscillating between a powerful friendship and a platonic love relationship, is one of the major attractions of the series.

Catholic, of a rational and skeptical nature regarding the supernatural, Dana Scully is so shaken by what she lives alongside agent Fox Mulder that she is questioning all the Cartesian teachings she has assimilated During his studies and life. But in the face of Mulder's profound convictions, she only succeeds in playing the safeguards of the man tortured by the abduction of his sister. Of a strong and assertive character, she does not hesitate to oppose him by demonstrating the friability of his reasonings, often only based on hypotheses at first sight absurd.

Raised in a very Catholic family, her faith sometimes conflicts with her skeptical and rational character. One of the paradoxes of the series comes from the predisposition of Scully to believe in religious phenomena, while his partner often remain completely hermetic to these manifestations, attitude that one finds in Scully about the supernatural.

Scully wears most of the time a discreet golden cross around her neck. This cross is the only thing left of Scully during her abduction by Duane Barry. Mulder keeps it as a talisman, before Scully is found miraculously. During the series, she is seen on several occasions confess, especially in affairs appealing to her faith. His abduction profoundly questioned his religious beliefs, and his faith was also sought when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, a probable consequence of his abduction.

It is only when she is the victim of the "Truth" that she begins to rally to the cause of her partner, until she becomes a motor when she is no longer there. It takes a while, but her mind finds an answer only in a truth she would never have dared to suppose. She ends up admitting that X-files have become an integral part of her life.

Special features and character
Scully is a strong and independent woman with a solid character. She does not hesitate to impose herself on or against all her opinions and what she thinks right, even when it runs counter to Mulder's convictions, even to the point of creating major disputes. His character, like his approach to problems, is very different from that of Mulder. As a military girl, she is ambitious, honest and loyal, but also tough and fair. It may seem rather cold (his rare smiles are often reserved for the jokes of his teammate, at least at the beginning of the series) and is rather inclined to respect the regulations whenever possible. She joined the FBI by challenge and taste of risk rather than by passion or envy, as opposed to her father, Has strongly influenced the choice of his studies. From a natural skeptical and rational until the evidence, it opens to the paranormal as the seasons, without its first nature being questioned.

Scully has a sentimental and social life quite dull, entrenched most often in his scientific experiments and his research. His main friend is none other than Mulder, with whom she maintains a relationship that keeps getting stronger throughout the series. She has during season 3 a small dog named Queequeg. Scully regularly keeps his nephew, the son of his elder brother, William Scully Jr.

However, behind this rather austere appearance, several experiments have profoundly marked it and revealed a certain sensitivity in it. Her kidnapping made her much more vulnerable, so much so that she is under a post-traumatic shock , visible especially during her altercation with the fetishist. The loss of her father, and then of her sister, are painful trials in her life, which motivate her a little more to support Mulder in her quest for truth. Several times, she is even removed or sequestered, her carapace cracking before the possibility of dying.

The plot is mainly centered on Mulder, so little is known about his passions, and his hobbies.
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Biography in series

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